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Monitoring and Tracking Government vehicles using GPS systems

jComplex Technologies Ltd (info@jcomplexpng.com ) monitors and tracks Health Department Fleet at NCDC and we have managed to achieve the following: Improve driver behaviour, protect government vehicles, improve safety for both the driver and the vehicle, and control fuel. Drive from the Executive Team from the Health Department has ensured the objectives of the fleet…

Carjacking and Alcohol Accidents

Carjacking and accidents                                             YouTube video instruction on how to login to live demo..[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”vv3RKZlb1dw”]

How effective are vehicle tracking systems?

How effective are vehicle tracking systems? Vehicle tracking systems are setup by management as a cost effective solution to fleet management. The effectiveness of fleet management is directly affected by three controlling parameters. The management Driver behavior System features   1.       The Management The system should be setup as part of the immediate vehicle management…

Vehicle Tracking and Driver Identification

It’s good to know where the vehicle is but, you also want to know who is driving and the driver behaviour whilst on the road. This is made possible by the driver identification system from jComplex Technologies (www.jcomplexpng.com ). The identification system includes the driver having a tag and swiping that on a tag reader…