Monitoring and Tracking Government vehicles using GPS systems

cropped-Example-of-Fleet-Tracking-NCDC.pngjComplex Technologies Ltd ( ) monitors and tracks Health Department Fleet at NCDC and we have managed to achieve the following:

  • Improve driver behaviour,
  • protect government vehicles,
  • improve safety for both the driver and the vehicle,
  • and control fuel.

Drive from the Executive Team from the Health Department has ensured the objectives of the fleet management are achieved.

For instance the vehicle after hour used are authorised by the executive manager and hence jComplex Technologies releases the vehicle for after hour use.

Thus, far, we have significantly achieved the following:

1.    Driver Behaviour

  • After hour use – we program the systems to alarm if the vehicles are used after hours. Usually, this doesn’t happen because we lock the vehicles at 4:06 PM.
  • Mileage use monitoring – during normal government working hours, the system captures the distance covered, areas the vehicle has been and so on. Hence, the driver does not run random trips during normal working hours. We setup geo-fencing around NCDC and the system warns if the driver is frolicking around.
  • Driver fatigue monitoring – the system will send a warning if the vehicle has been running for more than 2 hours. Hence its good for the driver to take a break.
  • Controlling rogue drivers – we install speaker and microphone systems (part of the tracking systems) that enable us to communicate directly with driver. We warn them about immediate lock-up. Cameras can be installed to see who is in the vehicle.

Thus, the driver behaviour is controlled. Hence, trend into good driving behaviour.

2.    Asset Protection

  • Maintenance alarming – the system can capture total distances travelled which can be used for maintenance purposes
  • Battery monitoring – the system monitors the battery and warns if its failing

3.    Fuel Control

Depending on the type of vehicles, fuel sensors can be installed and fuel consumption monitored. Calculations can also be done based on the engine capacity of the vehicle. This objective has been achieved largely by after hour lock-up of vehicles.


4.    Safety

  • Remotely disable vehicle if stolen – our systems can remotely disable vehicle if stolen. We have managed to save a few vehicles for our clients
  • Duress/Panic buttons – if in duress, the driver can activate this system in the car, thus prompting an immediate action from control room.


Some of our clients have preferred our GPS tracking systems with their existing security services company. For instance, G4S uses our systems to monitor and track our clients.


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