GPS Tracking and Area Mapping

GPS Vehicle Tracking in the Highlands can be a wee bit challenging as smaller villages are not shown on major mapping applications such as the Google Map and Microsoft Bing maps.
Bob would ring up the driver, “You stap we now?” and the driver would say something like “Klostu long Kudjip now”.
Bob would looked up on the tracking platform from jComplex Technologies Ltd and confirm smaller previously unmapped areas.

Other significant areas of application includes:
1. Identification of locations. This is important as we map the areas our clients are operating in.
2. Each location is customised to be viewed at different resolutions based on whether they are major or minor areas. For example, Port Moresby is a major area and Hohola is a minor area. Thus, by default, Port Moresby will be labelled on the map. Once the user starts to zoom into the Port Moresby, only then you see Hohola label appear on the map.
3. The mapping application also extends to planes.
Quite, recently we have mapped the PX960 flight from Port Moresby to Goroka. Our GPS tracking starts from the Jacksons airport to Goroka. It takes roughly 1 hour.
This simulation software is now on the public domain for use with Google Earth ( ). To view this flight simulation download our code from by right clicking on the file px960-POMtoGoroka.kml and saving to your local computer.

From POM to Goroka

From POM to Goroka

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