Fleet Management Solutions

In the previous articles, we focused on safety and monitoring aspect of the vehicles. The safety is by far the high impact issue in business but not as everyday event as managing fleet for business purposes.
With the introduction of major projects in PNG, companies buy large number of fleet but hits them hard in the operational costs.

A fleet operator, regardless of the nature of the business needs to cut cost. Here are some applications where the fleet management systems can resolve and reduce excessive operational costs. Some applications are:
1. Delivery vehicles
Whether a specialised transportation company or a grocery van, the most important concept is to get the products to the customer so the business stays on top of things. However, along the way, there is a breakdown and goods are stolen. With fleet management systems, you can monitor where the vehicle is and can talk to the driver and take pictures of the situation. If this is not possible, then you can detect the door of the van is opened outside the designated area. Thus, something is not right and you take damage control actions by sending the response team.
2. Time Management
We know time is money. Thus, by introducing fleet management systems, you gain more time and less downtime; hence more money. For instance, you have a customer calling up to attend to a job at a location. You then identify where your operational vehicles are and quickly dispatch the nearest vehicle to the job site. The systems can capture where the driver has been and how long it took to finish the job.

3. Ideal for PMV Operators
Papua New Guineans are always moving about. Thus, PMVs are the preferred choice of transportation. However, the operator needs to know the engine run hours, the distance traveled and so on so he/she can measure against the cost of operating a PMV. To get the bus on the road, you need a driver and is the drivers behaviour acceptable to the public? Is he driving to cause damage to the bus? Now you can monitor all these via fleet management solutions. The operator can identify the safety of the passengers and the trips made by the driver so appropriate daily takings can be estimated
4. Infrastructure Management
This is the most significant feature these systems can remotely monitor. For instance, to monitor remote batch plants, you can use these systems to monitor theft and property damage and quickly dispatch the team to the site. Even then the team knows where to go and the quickest route to get there.

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